Drop the Ball

What's distracting you?

For a month now I've been focused on the two trainings that I have this month. For the past week, I've been hyper focused on the one this Saturday-two days from now. Because I'm not in my office 40 hours a week, I've needed to really put myself into these projects in bunches of concentrated time. Which meant some things needed to be back-burnered. (See list below.) Doing so has reminded me that we women take on WAY too much on a regular basis. The result is cloudy thinking, little joy and general fatigue. Ick.

I know that I'm not alone here. Am I? I'm writing to moms, pregnant women, child-free women, trying to get pregnant women and women who love their nephews and nieces. In short, all of you. So I'm tossing down the gauntlet. What can you get rid of right now? Not in a few weeks although that is helpful too. Right NOW.

Need some ideas? How about-

  • responding to email right away;
  • a volunteer opportunity that is no longer meaningful;
  • television;
  • a "bad" client;
  • standards that don't fit your life;
  • social media including Facebook;
  • friendships that are draining you;
  • a commitment that doesn't make sense;
  • clothes that don't fit;
  • "perfect" writing;
  • negative self-talk.

Shrug it off. Drop the ball. Take a pass. Sit this one out.

Notice how you feel. If you're still cloudy and listless, you need to clean house a bit more, my friend. You won't be "prefect" but you never were...none of us are so you're in good company.

Permission is granted! I'm giving you permission to do it, looking forward with a smile, not regret.

Then, let me know about it. Here in the comments, on Facebook or by email.

What will you get rid of?