Empty Stomach Syndrome

Do you wait for other people to make decisions that impact your life? Are you a mindless eater or snacker? Do you find yourself validated by how many "likes" your photo or post receives?  Does that afternoon coffee or evening wine feel like a must? Is your schedule very full of appointments or projects for other people? Do you find yourself wishing that people read your mind so you wouldn't have to say what you really think? 

If so, you may be suffering from Empty Stomach Syndrome (ESS). ESS is the result of relying on other people and stuff to complete us. ESS is common in busy women who have a hard time establishing, then prioritizing their needs and wants. Women who struggle with life / balance issues can be especially susceptible to ESS. 

But there is a cure for ESS and it doesn't involve a prescription. It involves a shifting of your gaze from external to internal. From people, stuff and situations to you, you and YOU.

You are the source of everything you want in your life.*

No one or no thing can give you love, satisfaction, happiness and success. Too often you expect someone or somethings to fill a void(s) within us. That results in a rumbly, grumbly stomach (ESS) that doesn't ever shut up, usually because you're feeding it the soul-crushing version of Twinkies. You need the real stuff that comes from inside of you, not outside. Relying on others to complete you (even your partner and especially your kids!) is like relying on someone else to choose your major in college. Sooner or later, the outsourcing will catch up with you and it likely won't be pretty when it does.

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