{new post} Toddler Group

Update 12/4/14: Toddler Group will start January 3 not December 6! There's still time to join us!

You're doing an amazing job with your baby. It hasn't been easy but you've stuck it out. You're not flawless, far from perfect actually, but you try hard and admit when you're wrong. And that baby, maybe almost a toddler, is thriving now, isn't he?

But as often happens, your needs have taken a backseat.

That could be because you're the full-time caregiver for your little one or because you're not able to exercise/meditate/serlf-care like you used to. Whatever the reason, you have less time for you but plenty of baby/toddler/household projects instead.

In case you haven't heard, starting this December, I'm offering a three month toddler group. The toddler group is open to any mom with a child between 1-3 years old. It's a time to connect back to yourself while being intentional about your parenting, how it affects you and your child/children. Toddler group is a time for you.


Groups like New Mamas or this Toddler Group aren't a basic need. If you're reading this, chances are you've got food in the fridge and a place to lay your weary body each night. Your basic needs are probably covered. So, think beyond basic to healthy habits. Groups like this one offer support, community and a time for connection and reflection. They are a chance to slow down for a moment and indulge in self-care...all of which is essential for your mental health. And your mental health is at the foundation of good health for your whole family.

It can be hard to make ourselves a priority, especially when it costs to do so. Toddler Group isn't free. For me, a mom of a toddler and a small business owner, charging for a group that I know other moms will benefit from is hard. But compensation for the energy, commitment involved with hosting a program that takes me away from my own family is not only important for my family but also my own sense of worth. I also charge because we occasionally (consciously or not) we place more importance on services where we exchange value for value i.e. a short-term program like Toddler Group

Mom, if Toddler Group doeresonate with you, I want you to be able to participate. The three month membership cost is $69 ($11.50 per session, $5.25 per hour). If that feels like a financial stretch, you can choose to split the cost into three equal payments. The first payment of $23 would be due when you contact me to save your place. The second would be due when we meet Saturday January 3 and the final would be due when we meet on February 7. Just shoot me an email via my contact page here, if you'd like this option.  

You do good work. So, give yourself a break and be reminded of your own greatness when you join me and a few other toddler moms in Toddler Group. You are worth it.

The fine details of the program are here. And of course contact me with any questions, whenever you'd like. 919-237-2370.