A small tale

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it,"


If your story works for you. But if it doesn't? 

At any time, anyone can change the story. Their story of...

  • saying "yes" to boozy sex;
  • not being smart enough to join the conversation;
  • not qualified enough to apply for the job;
  • "dealing with" workplace bullying; 
  • being brave enough to start their own gig.

You can also change the story of what you see in the world.

Beverly Gooden changed the story about domestic violence survivors. You know about clothes rental services but if you're a larger size, most of those companies don't have options for you. Christine Hunsicker of Gwynnie Bee changed that story. And of course, "if you have a rough childhood, you're more likely to drink and smoke and do all these things that are going to ruin your life. This isn't science; this is just bad behavior." Not exactly. Nadine Burke Harris changed that story when she started seeing lower income children in her medical practice and thought beyond the assumed diagnosis.

Change it, if it doesn't work for you. You're in good company.

PS. If you're looking to change your bedtime stories, consider helping to fund this collection of "rebel girl" stories here.