Sexual Assault Survivor support group

Starting September 13, I will lead a peer-led support group for female-identified sexual abuse survivors. It is open to any sexual trauma survivor. That includes incest survivors, rape survivors, child sexual abuse survivors and survivors of sexual violence within and intimate partner relationship.

It is peer-led which means that the leader identifies as a survivor herself. That's me! The group will be closed after the first session and run eight weeks, during the evening in Durham. We will talk about topics such as: intimacy post abuse, healthy relationships, self-care, how family of origin attitudes affect our views on sex/sexuality, personal boundaries, and the importance of saying "no". We'll also be doing some writing as well as some art project-y work during the course of our eight weeks. 

This group would be a good for for you if you are...

  • in a place to support others' growth and healing;
  • able to commit to weekly meetings for 8 weeks;
  • have self-care strategies in place for times of stress;
  • willing to learn more about yourself and your triggers;
  • able to be honest with yourself.

If you'd like to learn more, contact me to set up a time to talk with me. Space is limited. Thanks for reading. Please share on social media!