Lessons from The Bird (no, not that one)

The Moa was a large, flightless bird that lived in New Zealand in the 1300's with only a massive species of eagle as their natural predator until an indigenous group of people arrived on their island. Within one hundred years the Moa were extinct. So were the eagles. It's not that different today.

Image courtesy of  Sci-News here

Image courtesy of Sci-News here

We don't become extinct the way the Moa did but it can be just as painful. Extinct for you and I means that "we" are gone. Our self has been lost. But that doesn't happen all at once. And it doesn't have to happen. Below are a few lessons from the Moa that feel especially appropriate at this time of year:

1) Protect your mind. Like the Moa, your feared predators are the interlopers in your life who don't really belong there but who works hard to keep you in a neat box that fits their needs. That may be your work or a relationship. Keep contact with those entities at a minimum or cut them out entirely.

2) Protect your body. Run away from anyone or anything that tries to get uncomfortably close or don't respect your boundaries. Find communities of support (whether virtual or in person) that help you stay strong and focused. 

3) Protect your soul. Reserve sacred time for yourself, alone. That can be as simple as a trip to the grocery story by yourself or as intentional as a weekly yoga class. Throw things out or donate. Remember to breathe. Your soul needs that oxygen flow like your body. 

You are one of the things that I am most grateful for this year. You feed my mind, body and soul and keep me accountable. With your support, I'll be around for a while..unlike the poor Moa. I hope you stick around too. Happy Thanksgiving.