Ending pregnancy services

In my continued attempt to walk my talk, I wanted to announce that I am shifting the focus of Outside The Mom Box completely to new moms. This means that I will no longer be offering childbirth education programming or my free support group for pregnant women.

There are a few reasons for this but perhaps the biggest is that there are many amazing Durham women who work exclusively with pregnant women, most of whom have more complimentary skills (birth doula, massage therapists, health coach, etc) for this population than I do. It's also tough and stressful work competing for people's attention on a regular basis. So I've decided to leave the work for pregnant women to others in our community. This change will allow me to focus on the toddler group that I want to start and get (drop off) Supper Clubs for New Moms off the ground.

I feel like every once in a while we need to check in with ourselves and see what is, is not working. I sat with this decision for a week before I finalized it. In addition to feeling less stressed, I also noticed that I lost sight of the fact that my business isn't "supposed" to be my 40+ week job! That's not why I'm doing this work. That realization, too, helped me understand that this was a good move for me.

Thank you so much for being here, for reading this and for your continued support. It means the world to me. There wouldn't be any of this, if it wasn't for you. I'm grateful.