The 3 Best Things You Can Say to a Pregnant Woman

Perhaps you've noticed but if you're pregnant, your body suddenly becomes a space of communal speculation.  Most of us experience this in an intrusive way, with "wow, when are you due?" or complete strangers coming up to touch your belly.   To be fair some people are just at a loss as to what to say to a pregnant woman.  Regardless of whether you're guilty of this (no way, right!) I've compiled a short, simple list of the three best things you can say to a pregnant woman.

1) Give a clear compliment. "You look beautiful/wonderful/gorgeous." or "How radiant you are." or "I've never seen you look better."  The crucial bit here is be clear.  "Glowing" may be a compliment to some women but not to others so better to avoid.  "Beautiful", though, is usually interpreted only one way.

2) Offer food. "Can I bring you a meal when you're home from the hospital?" What woman is going to say "no" to this?!  No one I know.  A home cooked meal is a godsend for new parents.  (One of the reasons it is a staple in most of my postpartum doula packages!)


3) Voice support. "I'm happy to walk Fido in the mornings on my usual trek around the block, if that'd be helpful." or "Do you think that Susie might want to come over and play with my daughter to give you a bit of a break when you first get home?" Community support is also nice.

Of course, only make these offers if it feels authentic to who you are and your words are true. It's always okay, as my grandmother used to tell me, to not say anything when in doubt or if you aren't sure your words will be taken as kindly as you intend them.

For the pregnant ladies reading, what's the best thing someone can say to you?  Leave a comment.

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