Teach Me How to Breastfeed!


Did you ever think you might utter those words?  No, of course not.  "Teach" someone how to breastfeed??  How?! What?? Come on! 

Yet, if you choose to breastfeed you will need to learn how to actually make the process work...for both you and baby.  It's simple but not easy.  It's not instinctive but it can be learned.  IBCLC TaNefer Lumukanda decided to put her many talents, including teaching women how to breastfeed, to use in one awesome video.  So, if you feel inclined to learn a little bit before your baby arrives, check this out.   

And don't worry if you didn't get everything TaNefer said or you need a little extra support, as a post-partum doula I'm here to help...with getting a good latch, positioning, tandem nursing, and identifying all kinds of unexpected challenges like how to treat engorgement or learning about the signs of mastitis.  I've also been breastfeeding my own daughter since minute one.  And for areas beyond my own level of expertise, I have an IBCLC who is my GO TO for all kinds of breastfeeding help and support.  

Remember, "all the babies love it, all the babies love it!"

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