Need a little Luve?

NewMama Luve that is.  

When you're finally home, you'll start to get into a routine.  It may be the least routine routine you've ever had but it'll be one.  And routine is important because right about this time is when you'll start to realize exactly what you've gotten yourself into.  Whether that realization comes when you admit aloud for the first time that you're afraid to leave the house or when it occurs to you that the baby hasn't been bathed since she was at the hospital doesn't really matter.  What does matter is that you admit it.

As someone who is a big believer in supporting others and asking for support when I need it, I happen to think that talking to others matters.  I often wished that I had someone non-judgmental to listen to me process exactly how crazy and lost I was feeling in my early days in the fourth trimester.  My sisters were there and a few other folks too but I wanted someone different.  Someone who had been there before, yes definitely, but also someone who could sit with me in the chaos for a bit. 

Lollipop included. (Really.)

Lollipop included. (Really.)

Enter (18+ months later!) NewMama Luve- short, short term counseling intended for women within the first year post-partum. It's what I wanted and couldn't find. A few talk sessions with someone who has been there before.  Someone who won't think you're crazy.  Someone who can give you a reality check.  Someone who can offer excellent listening skills and loving support.  Someone like me.  

So, when you're ready to give yourself a break to process everything that's gone on for the past ___ months, call me.  We can set up a time to talk in person or via Skype.  Give yourself a little Luve.