Product recommendation: Hylands Tiny Cold Tablets

I've recently discovered Hylands Tiny Cold Tablets.  Elisabeth had her first cold and she was a mess: runny nose, sneezing, sniffling.  Hylands makes homeopathic products for babies to adults.  Even now at sixteen months, Elisabeth can't take "traditional" medicine for her cold so when I found out about Tiny Cold Tablets, I was thrilled.  I've been a fan of Hylands ever since we tried their teething tablets when Elisabeth was six months.  

Colds in toddlers, especially Elisabeth's age, are so frustrating.  They don't understand about breathing through their mouth.  They don't know how to blow their nose.  And they get angry when they try to nurse and have to stop after a few seconds because they can't breathe.  Frustrating and upsetting for them and just as bad (so it seems!) to anxious parents who might not have seen their wee one sick yet.

Enter Tiny Cold Tablets! It seems that the trick with homeopathic "meds" is to take them often and that's what is directed for the Tiny Cold Tablets.  So that can be a bit of a pain but the result is really worth it.  Elisabeth's runny nose stopped running away and sniffling and sneezing definitely abated.  We started with taking 3 tablets every 15 minutes for four doses and then one per hour.  I tried to give the dose every hour at the same time.  Sometimes I forgot and then just re-started.  No problem.


One of the best parts?  Tiny Cold Tablets are truly tiny!  They dissolve within seconds so no choking or gagging on a big nasty pill that is hard to swallow.  No swallow even necessary.   And by this point, Elisabeth picks them out of my hand and takes them herself.  Easy!  ---->

So, if your wee one (6 months and up) is suffering from a cold, check out Hylands Tiny Cold Tablets.  We purchased ours at Target but according to the website, they are pretty widely available.  Let me know how they work for you by leaving a comment below.