What is Self-Care?

Sometimes reading about self-care can do the opposite of its intended purpose! Self-care pieces are meant to uplift and challenge. But they can be a reminder of how we are not caring for ourselves. We may know we should take care of ourselves and yet… we don’t do it.

Self-care is especially challenging for abuse survivors. We may feel unworthy of care or unwilling to try any of the usual ways to care for ourselves that so many people like. If we were ever hurt in a bathtub by a caregiver, for example, taking a hot bath might feel scary instead of relaxing. The idea that something works for other (“normal”) people can make us feel marginalized. And that can make us feel even worse!

In spite of our often complicated feelings about self-care, it is critical for all of us. Especially for abuse survivors. One of the best things we can do in this world is to care of ourselves. There are reasons why on the graphic to the right but here’s another:

When we care for ourselves we show the world how we need to be treated.

That world includes our children, partner, boss, parents.

And here’s one more:

Modeling to other people what we need to receive is not only a gift to ourselves but to others.

Because we show them that they are worthy too.

Everyone is worthy of self-care. The homeless veteran on the corner, the server at the fancy restaurant, the student trying hard to graduate and the mom managing three kids under ten. You, me, them.

Let me know how your self-care is going. And where you need some support. Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.