What's the heartbreak we don't talk about enough?

+ An inability to orgasm?

+ Miscarriage or miscarriages?

+ Partner asking for divorce?

+ Meaningless affairs?

+ Forced sex?

+ Unwanted pregnancy?

+ The grief of losing your mother?

+ Facebook friends and their perfect lives?

+ Overspending? Overeating? Overcompensating? Overweight?

+Embarrassment at our own loneliness?

+ Our partner not supporting our work?

+ Stillbirth?

Your heartbreak is as real as mine. It's as valid and as important to recognize. When we don't recognize our own heartbreak, or any emotions, we don't give them the attention that they deserve. That blocks us from the healing we deserve and the ability to feel a wide range of emotions, everything from joy to grief. Also, a Bessel van der Kolk says in his amazing book on trauma, The Body Keeps The Score,  "Hiding your core feelings takes an enormous amount of energy, it saps your motivation to pursue worthwhile goals, and it leaves you feeling bored and shut down." (235). We cannot numb selectively. It's an all or nothing game. 

So, what's heartbreak do you need to talk about?