{new post} Product Review: #Coobie #bras

Before I had my daughter, I never had a difficult time finding a comfy bra. In fact, I often went braless because well, why not? My breasts were small enough to get away with braless and I truly believed they were just happier free and perky. Almost two years since my daughter was born, though, those same breasts are no longer perky and braless is much harder to swing. So when I found the Coobie, locally here in Durham no less, I was thrilled! So thrilled that I decided they deserve a Product Review here on the blog! Here's what I like:

I first purchased the Coobie Bra Scoopneck. It's fabulous! One size fits most (32A-36D), soft and comfy (no hideous underwire), lightweight, seamless and without hooks but with removable padding, they come in a variety of gorgeous colors. Any if you are breastfeeding, just unhook the strap. Easy. Woot! Ditch the, heavy, hot nursing bra and use these lovelies instead. Final bonus: the cost! They are only $20.

Remember that braless comment above? Well, I tried it the other day with a top that I normally used to wear. No luck. But then I saw the Coobie Bandeau tops and voila! Practically braless again. They're just as comfortable and stay in place great. Cost on these: $18. What a deal.

So, if you're Durham-based or local to Durham, head to Smitten over on West Main Street in Durham and check out their Coobie selection.