23 Normal and Common Worries During #Pregnancy

Why 23? Because I knew I could name 23 off the top of my hat based on what I hear and read everyday. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. ...balancing demands of a crazy job with a new baby;
  2. ...fear of childbirth and/or the pain associated with childbirth;
  3. ...pregnancy leave from work: is it enough?
  4. ...anxiety about sex;
  5. ...concerns about ability to breastfeed;
  6. ...worry about hurting or harming baby or self because of past personal trauma;
  7. ...questioning how partner might act during childbirth and if a birth doula could help;
  8. ...doubting decision about choice of OB or hospital;
  9. ...lack of confidence in her body to birth a baby;
  10. ....wonder about how lack of knowledge about her body will impact satisfaction with the childbirth experience;
  11. ....worry about her (or partner's) family & role they might play in new baby's life;
  12. ...concerns about when the weight will come off after the baby is born;
  13. ...worries about not feeling attractive sexually to partner;
  14. ...concern over postpartum mood disorders;
  15. ...wanting to "go natural" during childbirth but also wanting knowledge & confidence to choose other options if it feels the right thing to do;
  16. ...curiousity about whether she will "need" a postpartum doula after the baby is born;
  17. ...nervous about choosing a pediatrician;
  18. ...fear about when she will feel "like herself" again;
  19. ...worry about being able to tell whether or not she is producing enough milk for baby;
  20. ...anxiety about not "liking" baby right away;
  21. ...wanting a different kind of _________ and wondering if that was an option;
  22. ...wondering about non-pharma pain management options during childbirth;
  23. ...worry about how different her body looks and "acts" when pregnant.

And there are so many more! But hopefully this list gives you an idea of some of the normal and common fears that pregnant women have about pregnancy and childbirth.

What would you add to the list? What have you heard friends say? Leave a comment below.