Getting in shape...for labor!

Childbirth is a marathon, not a sprint someone said to me once. Boy, did that prove to be true!  I heard the message but it hadn't occurred to me how true this statement would prove to be. My arms, back and legs were sore for days afterward...that was in addition to the areas where I expected to hurt! When I was pregnant I did weekly prenatal yoga and walked daily but I still wish that I had been in better shape for delivery. Pregnant women get barraged with so many details including what to eat but very few details on what certain exercises can do to prepare us for childbirth.

But we did once! This video shows a group of pregnant women in the 1930's exercising at a London hospital. Each exercise is introduced with details on how the activity benefits your body.

As the video says, "the time to train for any athletic event is before, not after the event." Did you "train" for your labor? What did you do?