Product review: Lilly Padz

Oh, to be a nursing mama!  Especially in those early days.  After you've got the hang of it and the milk is flowing, you start to feel pretty good about how you can feed your baby whenever and wherever she needs it. Until you start to leak.  At the most inopportune times.  Argh!  While leaking breasts are a fact of life, they don't need to be an inconvenience.

One of the best products that I found when I was a new mom were made locally.  (Can you believe it?)  Lilly Padz, based in Cary, NC, are the answer to every nursing mom's needs.  These small reusable, breathable "pads" are packed two per box and retail for $22-25 everywhere, from Amazon to their site.  And they're genius because they work.  And they're reusable, unlike the cloth-like pads that are a band-aid against leakage, Lilly Padz adhere to the nipple and prevents breastmilk from flowing out.  They work amazingly well. They aren't good forever, so you will need to replace them periodically, depending on use. Clean them with Lilly Wash to prolong their life.But they are hands-down much better than the disposable ones which shift in your bra or top and don't really do the job that they are supposed to.   And of course they are invented by a mom!

Note: I am not getting paid by Lilly Padz to endorse them.  I just think they're terrific.

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