"Nurse Patient Conversation: How To Navigate the Trauma of Sexual Abuse"...coming soon!

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a patient's disclosure of sexual abuse? You wanted to support them, but you weren't sure what to do or say.


Photo by Ali Morshedlou on Unsplash

Did you suspect after you met with a patient that they were a survivor of sexual abuse but you didn't know how to address it or even if you should?

If so, you aren't alone. I hear both scenarios (and more) on a regular basis. I train people like you (nurses, docs, doulas, lactation consultants and other professionals who deal with sexual and/or reproductive health) on how to respond more confidently to any scenario where they might encounter sexual abuse. Past trauma can be intimidating, especially when it's not your field.

But it doesn't have to be.

Coming this spring, you can join in a virtual learning community for a special, time-limited course on navigating the trauma of sexual abuse. You will learn:

  • The facts of sexual abuse and why this matters to you
  • How sexual abuse affects pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and more
  • What the socio-emotional affects of sexual abuse look like and how that might show up in your patients
  • The best responses when someone discloses (hint: it's not "I believe you,") 
  • How and why asking about sexual abuse builds trust

There will also be interviews with survivors, videos to learn from, a private online discussion group and so much more.

Be the first to be notified when the registration opens in late May. Join me and a group of your peers for an exceptional learning experience. Click here to be added to that priority list