Seeking sexual abuse survivors...

Last call!

I created a survey for sexual abuse survivors (whether as an adult or a child) that asks about 10 questions. The information will be used to help people better understand how past abuse affects later health and wellness. In the survey, I ask a few questions about demographics (age and how the participant identifies) as well as some questions about the abuse, including what resources the participant accessed. My final question asks the participant what they want to share, know or make sure professionals are aware of. The feedback that I have received on the survey has been really positive so far. But is it missing your input?

If you are a rape survivor, a survivor of sexual violence within an intimate partner relationship or a child sexual abuse survivor, I would love your help. Click here to complete the survey. You never have to answer any question. It's confidential, anonymous and takes under 10 minutes to complete. The survey is open to anyone, no matter how you identify.

If you are not a sexual trauma survivor, you can still help! Please like and share this post so others can hear about it.

Thank you!

PS. The survey closes Wednesday August 3 at end of day.