Most of us want to do something differently in our lives. We want to make more money, get (& keep) more clients, work less, read more, be stronger, etc. I'm no exception. I want to do offer the trauma-informed trainings that I do more regularly and to a wider audience. But even if the area of difference is as specific as my want above, I'm still using the same simple (but not easy) formula for change that is tried and true: desire + education/resources + support = change

When I fail to make a change that I want, it's usually because of one of the ingredients from the change formula is missing. I want that Browned Butter Scone from Loaf more than I want to curb my sugar intake. It's okay that desire is missing. What's not okay is dishonesty with myself about that missing piece. Dishonesty with our authentic self is as damaging as negative self-talk, not listening to gut instinct or deciding against personal values. Dishonesty blocks living bravely including making choices that support our happiness and health. As long as I am are honest with myself, I set the stage for future change, even if I'm not ready to give up those scones. The trouble happens when I'm not acting honestly because of course the change formula doesn't work. And that's the catch! Change is easy when we know the formula and we are being honest with ourselves.

What's missing for you? Part of the formula or honesty your actions?