I need you or how to get free #DurhamBulls tickets

Friends, fair warning: this is a post with a request!

After over a year of OTMB, I've decided to make a few changes. You may have noticed some on my website already. The bulk of the changes, the entire rebrand really, will be revealed in late June. Rest assured, New Mamas group is not going anywhere but other pieces are leaving. And some really terrific pieces are coming in, that I think more than a few of you will be excited about. 

I've done a lot of detective work on my own to make this happen and had professional help to fine-tune this rebrand. But more help is on the way...and they're coming (eek!) next Friday, May 1! The photography team of Kallyn and Alex Boerner of Burning Silver Photography....

Here's where you come in...

Come along for the ride!

Come along for the ride!

I need 5-9 women for the "staged" group shots. Alex and Kallyn estimate this part of the day taking 30-45 minutes, sometime between 10-noon. (An exact time will be determined in part by participant response). You don't need to wear anything specific or do anything other than interact with me. (In order to replicate a real group as much as possible, I'll likely be talking about self-care.) These photos with be with adult women only (no babies) so no privacy worries.

In exchange for your time and support, I'll gift you a pair of Durham Bulls tickets ($39 value) in the Field Box section (112). These seats are amazing, right behind first base. Use them for a date night or take baby (kids under 2 get in free).

If you're feeling like you get value out of New Mamas groupour Facebook page, the interaction that you have with other women you've met through an Outside The Mom Box offering, please consider supporting me with this request. If you can help, email me at outsidethemombox (at) gmail (dot) com, leave a comment below, send me a Facebook message or Tweet me

Thank you so much for reading and being part of this community!