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Domestic Violence Survivor support group in #Durham

Did you grow up feeling fear in your home?

Have you ever been in a relationship that felt scary or unpredictable where you felt like you always had to be on guard?

If this sounds familiar, a domestic violence survivor support group might be a good option.

Domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse but can include emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, threats and/or intimidation. Being in any kind of abusive relationship influence how we see ourselves, our relationships and also how we make decisions or how well we trust others.

A support group is a way that survivors can connect with others who have experienced something similar in a low-key, non-threatening space. Survivors of my past groups report feeling stronger, more confident and more willing and able to set personal boundaries and create healthy relationships.

A new support group starts Tuesday November 8 and runs for six weeks through Tuesday December 20. We meet evenings in Durham. This is a peer-led (meaning the leader of the group {me, Elizabeth Johnson} identifies as a survivor), trauma-informed, LGBTQ affirmative group that is open to female-identified people only. This group is free.

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