Understanding how sexual abuse affects health and wellness...for life

I have been in training and education for over 20 years. More than half of that time has been working directly with abuse survivors and training organizations who help survivors.


Everything changed in 2012 when I became a parent.

When my daughter was only a few weeks old, I struggled with breastfeeding. I remember wondering if breastfeeding would be harder for an abuse survivor? As a survivor, I was aware triggers were real. But as an educator, I had never seen any information related to sexual abuse and breastfeeding.

I realized if the long term impact of abuse was unknown to me, it wasn’t likely to be something other professionals were aware of either.

Today, this is my work. I collect data on how sexual abuse impacts sexual and reproductive health over a lifetime, using academic research and personal stories from survivors. I look at how sexual abuse affects breastfeeding and intimacy but also how sex education ignores how abuse affects consent, teen pregnancy and risky behavior. Then I break it all down so it is relevant and specific for your group.

I help people like you understand the long term impact of sexual abuse, including how it affects quality of life but also quality of care. The result is less stress, specialized knowledge, reduced attrition and greater feelings of competency and confidence.

Contact me to learn how I help your good work.

I had the opportunity to be part of another training conducted by Elizabeth. Her topics are relevant, the information is grounded in research and statistical data and the sessions are always informative. This is truly information that all our home visitors need to have in our tool kits when dealing with clients that have suffered sexual trauma.
— Mishawne Carrington, RN, MSN Nurse-Family Partnership Program Director Guilford Child Development