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I've Been Where You Are.


I’ve been the provider hesitating, doing nothing or kicking myself afterwards for what I could have done differently. As a survivor, I've watched people say and do all the wrong things.

Today, I'm a researcher, advocate and educator on a mission. My goal is to help you feel more effective and less stressed with even the most challenging patients or groups.

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To Your Good Work,



Elizabeth M. Johnson, MA is the founder & owner of Spark Equity, a boutique consulting and training firm based in Durham, North Carolina. Formerly know as Outside The Mom Box, Spark Equity specializes in helping you understand how sexual abuse affects sexual and reproductive health.

Building on her career in coaching, crisis counseling and 20 years in training and education, Elizabeth works with clients to:

  • gain greater competence with sensitive subjects
  • minimize stress
  • acquire specialized knowledge
  • implement practical, time-saving strategies

Elizabeth's clients not only benefit from sustainable change but their work is enhanced with relevant case studies and data based on Elizabeth's own research and conversations with the hundreds of survivors she talks with every year.

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The people who are the most successful in changing outcomes create connection, not offer perfection.
— Elizabeth M. Johnson